Looking At A Florida Refinance Mortgage

Looking At A Florida Refinance Mortgage

Florida, as with other places across the United States, has run into problems with housing. As a result there have been a number of foreclosures when people were unable to make house payments that were purchased with high interest rates. When this happens many people look for a Florida mortgage refinance plan.

In going this route, if something cannot be worked out with the current lender on one’s loan, an option is to go to a mortgage company. Such a company is well aware of numerous home loan providers such as FHA, VA, USDA, Hard Money and can explore these options if the situation warrants it. They are also aware of the present real estate situation and can give a list of options.

When considering refinancing, a borrower has to be true to themselves. Property values have dropped dramatically. If one owes something like 0,000 on a home that is now valued at 0,000 there may be a problem getting it refinanced.

However, one option is to talk to the lender and see if the current loan can be re-written and the monthly payment lowered. Depending on one’s previous record of payments on time, credit rating and secure employment this is a possibility. Getting new financing for 0,000 at a lower interest would reduce one’s payments considerably, if this can be done.

The current interest rate in Florida, for 30 years is 4.89%, for a 15 year it is 4.21%. These rates are fantastic when compared to some as high as 10% a few years ago. Being able to refinance one of the older loans at the new rate would equal a tremendous savings and allow the loan to be paid off much sooner.

Many people ran into problems with their mortgage when they selected adjustable rather than fixed rates on their current house. They found to their dismay that, although the rates were low to begin with, they changed from month to month, many times rising far about the fixed rate. Therefore, when finding a refinancing deal it is to a person’s benefit to insist on a fixed rate of interest.

The typical means of refinancing is obtaining a new mortgage loan to pay off the existing one. However, there are fees connected with this transaction which need to be explored to see if it is a financially sound thing to do. The amount of equity one has in their home also enters into the picture. The more equity the better chance of getting the new loan.

Another advantage of a Florida refinance mortgage is that it is possible to shorten the length of time to make a repayment. If one has been making regular payments for quite awhile on a 30 year loan, with a new loan that can be reduced to 10, 15, or 20 years. With the lower interest rate chances are there would be no increase in is currently being paid and it might even be lower. Also, many people were required to take out Private Mortgage Insurance when they first purchased their house. If regular payments have been made and one has a good equity this amount, previously part of the house payment, will no longer be included.

Many mortgage entities such as First Nationwide Lending, a Sarasota mortgage refinance company, can help borrowers better understand their Florida refinance loan options. The more informed you are, the easier it is to negotiate the different costs. Visit their website for the lowest Florida refinance mortgage rates.

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