Mortgage Refinancing Explained

Mortgage Refinancing Explained

In today’s economy, mortgage refinancing can be a very helpful option to homeowner’s in need of restructuring their finances. Mortgage refinancing is the process of obtaining a new mortgage loan to pay off the existing mortgage loan on a property. The new loan is then also secured by the property itself.

There are many reasons a homeowner would consider a mortgage refinancing option. One reason could be to obtain a lower interest rate or a lower monthly repayment. This can help the homeowner save money each month and have more money to repair or update the property. It can also help ease the family budget leaving more cash left over each month for bills and expenses etc. Over the course of the loan, a homeowner can save thousands in interest if they refinance with a lower interest rate.

The two most common interest rates while dealing with a home mortgage are a fixed rate (which simply means the rate does not change over the time frame of the loan) and an adjustable rate (which means the rate does change during the life of the loan). If a homeowner has an adjustable rate, mortgage refinancing can help lock them into a fixed rate so that there interest rate will not fluctuate and could potentially say them money over time should interest rates rise in the future. Interest rates could also go down but in the current economic climate with such low rates this is not likely to happen.

Mortgage Refinancing also offers another alternative that can assist homeowner’s in using the equity in the property to obtain cash. When a large expense arises, then a homeowner can refinance their property at a higher principle by using the equity in the property. This will give the cash to the homeowner to pay the expense. However, keep in mind that the mortgage has a higher balance now, so the payments may increase or it may take longer to pay off.

Essentially, a homeowner needs to consider all the options and whether refinancing their mortgage is the best solution. Mortgage refinancing can have some upfront costs that the homeowner needs to be aware of. The property may need to be appraised or their could be some leanding fees that the homeowner would have to pay. Also keep in mind that real estate prices fluctuate and this can also have an impact on how much your property is worth when it comes time to refinance. Mortgage refinancing is a useful tool in handling your existing mortgage if a homeowner takes the time to accuratly way the benefits or disadvantages it could have to them.

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