Q&A: Refinancing disaster – mortgage consultants please help???

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Question by nikki22: Refinancing disaster – mortgage consultants please help???
I recently purchased my first home in February (in Mass) and at that time the lender told me that he would refinance me in 6 months to a lower rate on certain conditions, in which I have his promise in writing. I have recently contacted him to begin the refinancing process, in which I have met all the lenders conditions/criteria, and he is now telling me he can’t do it. Can someone please help me as to what step I can take next. I have contacted the supervisor of the consultant who wrote the loan and the original consultant and his supervisor are now giving me the run around. Can I report them to a investigation bureau? After all, I have their promise to refinance in writing………

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Answer by Styll
(Maine) shop around…try sticking with something reputable like a credit union/bank… i see Credit unions tend to be lower… anyway you could go see an attorney but not sure what the upside would be…allot of money and hassle later you might be proved right…but that wouldn’t change your rate…anyway shop around…there are still good brokers/deals to be had…try asking someone you know who’s notoriously frugal where they’d go…

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