What is the difference between the Making Home Affordable refi and modification?

Question by Think about it: What is the difference between the Making Home Affordable refi and modification?
My mortgage loan qualifies for the Making Home Affordable program, but I don’t know what the difference is between selecting a refinance or a modification. My situation is that I have significantly lost income and at the same time my home value has dropped way below my mortgage balance so I can’t sell and my payments are too high to continue making, am already about to miss a payment this month.

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Answer by bobby769
Modifications are generally designed for people who are late on their mortgae and/or owe more than the home is worth. Their’s no closing costs and the ‘new’ loan would be with the same bank. Generally less paper work is required.

A refi involves more paperwork and and just about anyone who can afford the closing costs and has the required creid tcan qualify for the refi. A refi very often is with a differnet bank.

Because you’re upside down on the mortgage (meaning you owe more than the house is worth) you may qualify for a mod. If you do, and the terms of the mod are better (that is, you can actually afford the home after the mod) then I’d say jump on the mod. One thing to keep in mind. Sometimes you are required to bring the mortgage current in order to get the mod. If this is something you have to do but don;t have the funds to get current, beg and borrow to get that money from family or friends.

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