How do you process a FHA refinance loan?

Question by blueflamingo117: How do you process a FHA refinance loan?
I’m a mortgage processor, but I’ve been processing Reverse Mortgages for quite sometime and have forgotten the process regarding regular FHA refinance loans? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Beth S
I don’t understand your questions. Are you asking for help in doing a FHA loan? I am sure that if you were honest and let your boss know that you have no idea on how to do your job he/she would be OK with that and help you out. I would really recommend the honest way. After all you are working on someones biggest life investment. Trust me your boss will totally understand that you have no idea on what to do. They will be happier to help you than you get bad info from a stranger. AndI am sure that your boss knows you well enough that it will not be a shock. Best of luck..I know that it is tough to handle things you don’t know how to do,,but I promise it will be ok.

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