How do I remove my exes name from my home mortage?

Question by Tracy I: How do I remove my exes name from my home mortage?
Our divorce papers give me the home but he wants his name off the mortgage. Can I only do this by refinancing? I don’t know that I will qualify for the loan by myself and the current interest rate is lower than what is now available.

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Answer by Landlord
Yes, you can only do this by refinancing.

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4 Responses to How do I remove my exes name from my home mortage?

  1. donfletcheryh says:

    It is the loan company that decides to let your ex off the mortgage. After all, it is their money, and if you should be unable to pay, they would like to have a fall back position.

    In their position I would refuse to let him off the loan. I would be uncomfortable refinancing without a size able amount of cash paid off the mortgage to improve the situation should foreclosure be required.

  2. Lisa L says:

    I know of no way you can do this without refinancing. There are some things the divorce lawyers just don’t tell you.

  3. elbow17green says:

    You do have to refinance. I left my ex’s name on mortgage until I was able to refinance. Not that it is the best route, but it does happen. Best thing is to go meet with a bank you have relationship with showing good payments, etc. If you are behind on anything get a second job and work really hard to get some stuff paid off quick.

  4. Spock (rhp) says:

    stop being concerned about what your ex- wants. He’s an ex- —- they always want to escape any liability for anything.

    a refi would likely cost you money — is he offering to pay?

    {Hint: how much of a payment on principle would be required with your sole credit to keep the monthly payments the same? He oughta pay at least that plus all the costs.}

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