We need help with mortgage refinancing?

Question by Dan U: We need help with mortgage refinancing?
Me and my wife have a low credit score and were are behind two payments on our mortgage, our balloon is about to pop and we need to refinance but we can not, and i mean NOT what so ever find help in refinancing at a lower rate….i am extremely afraid of losing my house. Anyone know anything that can help?

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Answer by Cortez2605
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  1. kat says:

    have you tried a loan modification with your mortgage company the new thing Obama just passed might help you not sure call your company and ask it can’t hurt to try I know that you have to do a three month trial period n his new mod program and if you complete it then you get the mod I thing it is suppose to help people in your situation

  2. Not says:

    Well that sux, tore my hair out trying to find an alternative to foreclosure but there were none, only more people preying upon my faith in humanity. Stopping throwing good money after bad and prepare for a move. Good luck. Don’t let them take more than just the building, you still have each other.

  3. golferwhoworks says:

    Dan you stated the problem very well and the fact is with low scores and being 60 days late no one will do this loan except a hard money lender but you must have at least 40% equity in the home. They want to lend but the money is tight with private lenders as well. Try to sell this home now if you can as you probably over bought your budget and that is why you are 60 days behind.

  4. Net Advisor says:

    I would prob go see legal advice to see if you can get an attorney to help force a modification on the loan.

    If you can be a tough negotiator with trained bank lenders than you can do it yourself. but I would get an expert.

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