Help me understand mortgage refinancing?

Question by Magaroni: Help me understand mortgage refinancing?
We have about $ 30k in equity on our home, and currently have a 30 yr fixed at 6.9%. I’m not sure if refinancing will help or hurt us. My student loans are at 7.22, but I only owe another $ 3500, and my auto is 1.9% and I owe about $ 6500. I thought about paying those off with the cash from the refi – is that a bad idea since the auto loan is at a lower rate? I thought since the mortgage interest is a tax right off and the auto loan isnt…?

If we aren’t sure how long we’ll be in this house, is refi a bad idea?

I’m pretty confused about this – any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by P J
Awful idea to risk your home over other debts.

When was the last time you got an appraisal because you MAY find you have NO equity in your home.

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