How can i lower my mortgage payments without refinancing?

Question by John H: How can i lower my mortgage payments without refinancing?
I heard from a friend that Obama came up with a new plan, anyone know what that is? Whats the right way to go to lower my payments?

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Answer by versantly
contact your mortgage lender for more info.

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  1. Julia says:

    Here some information for you :

    – Document your financial hardships. To lower your mortgage payment without refinancing the home loan, the mortgage lender restructures the loan. However, not everyone qualifies for this provision. Before approving a request, lenders will review your financial situation and determine whether you qualify for help. Legitimate reasons include loss of employment, illness, injury, disability, etc. You’ll need to retain copies of all your financial statements (paycheck stubs, banking statements, bills, unemployment compensation).

    – Take immediate action. Rather than wait until the situation gets out of hand, contact your mortgage company at the first sign of trouble. Lowering your mortgage payment without a refinance is a lengthy process, and it can take weeks to obtain an approval and finalize the paperwork.

    – Ask for a loan modification. One type of loan restructure is the mortgage modification, in which lenders agree to reduce the interest rate or extend the loan term to lower the mortgage payment. You lender might suggest this provision. If not, request a loan modification.

    – Submit a proposal. You can ask the lender to convert your interest-only or ARM into a fixed rate, or you can request a loan extension. In some instances, the lender may temporarily suspend payments for a specified time period.

    – Negotiate with the mortgage lender. Lenders vary, and some may not agree to your proposal. Arrange a meeting with your mortgage lender and discuss your options.

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  2. Carol says:

    Hello John,

    To lower your mortgage payments, you must either refinance or modify.

    You can check all the guidelines unde the Fed’s site at

    This site has info about both programs under Obama. If you decide modification is best for you, then contact your lender. There is no need to use any of those “fee” services that advertise everywhere.

    There isn’t a “new” plan out there right now. The plan has been available for months.

    Good luck.

    Good luck to you.

  3. researched it says:

    There are two programs that the federal government is offering with the goal of making home mortgages more affordable. One is a refinance program. To qualify for that program you cannot have been more than 30 days later on your mortgage payments during the last 12 months.

    The second program — and this is the one I believe that you are curious about — is the federal home loan modification program. Your mortgage payment must be over 31 percent of your monthly pre-tax income. There are other requirements to qualify. To find out whether you are likely to qualify read the attached article.

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