Bailouts or Takeovers?

Bailouts or Takeovers?

Article by Ken Ross

Did the American people – We the People really want these “bailouts” or did the government simply seize this “opportunity” and “takeover” these industries? Do you recall that there were some in top levels of government who called this economic calamity an “opportunity”? They viewed it as an opportunity to gain more power over the American people. And it allowed certain people in government the chance to execute their long term plans of making all Americans dependent on the government – thus increasing the size and power of the government.

When the original idea of the first bailout was introduced back in August 0f 2008 (and eventually passed on Octobe 3) there was a major cry out amongst the people of this country. Most radio talk shows were imploring their listeners to call in to Congress and voice their opinion. This methodology seemed to be working beautifully as millions of calls came into Congress imploring their Congressmen and women to NOT pass this bailout bill. DO NOT PASS THE BAILOUT BILL! It lookied like aslam dunk for the American people. There was no way that the politicians would simply ignore the people. right? Wrong!

The voice of the people were heard loud and clear throughout the halls of “justice” yet even though the people were against the bailout – over 90% of calls were against the bailouts – Washington proceeded on thinking they were smarter than the American people – and they passed the bailout legislation – in effect taking over these industries – Banking, Mortgage, Insurance and now the Auto industry. What will be next?

I believe this amounts to Socialism. This is the exact business model that other Socialist countries employ. The government thinking it knows better then the people and doing all of this – for the good of the people – they decidfe what is good for the people.

Why did our elected representatives believe they were smarter than the collective minds of the American people? Are there any educational requirements to being a Senator or a Representative of the House? The answer is no! Is it written somewhere that the politicians are to do the opposite of what the people want? These arrrogant people who currently occupy Senate and House seats merely snubbed their noses at WE the People – and passed legislation thet clearly the American people do not want!

Is this how the original founding fathers envisioned our government to work? These actions are completely against the spirit of the Constitution and hence are unConstitutional! Is this an example of our elected leaders representing the people? Is this a glaring example of Taxation WITHOUT Representation? Why should we as a people send any more tax dollars to this government? WHY?

We were grabbing our leaders by the shoulders, shaking them, screaming at the top of our lungs to not increase the national debt by twofold – we were trying to knock some sense into them – but Nooooooo! They didn’t care less what the people had to say – they went on and began their methodical takeover of America’s core industries. How can we let this happen? Look at these bumbling fools in Congress – how did we as a people let them get this much power?

There are so many people on the government dole now – workers and money recipients – and even though the money recipients don’t work and don’t pay taxes they are allowed to vote. It is these votes – of those dependent on the government for their food, health and rent – that the government listens to. These are the votes that those in power want to increase the number of. They eventually want millions more – on the government dole. Look at the new President elect”s plan to now create 3 million jobs! They will ALL be government workers! Dependent on the government! So things are now starting to fall into place for these elected leaders who lean towards Socialism.

Please join me in voicing your disapproval to these actions of our elected leaders. The Constitution has set into place a method to extract these leaders from theirr positions and we MUST act on these rights! We must stand together as a people and PETITION the government, ASSEMBLE to show our presence and use our FREEDOM OF SPEECH to voice our thoughts.

We MUST rise up and form a People’s Tribunal to remove our current elected leaders and hold them accountable for the treasonist actions they are committing. Please stand up and be counted as an American who has had enough of this Washington arrogance. If we don’t act what will the consequences be? Are you just going to sit there and have your freedoms slowly eroded away and the money you work for taxed into nothinness? Is this what you want? Will you just sit by and let this happen?

Do you have children? Do you plan on having children? Did you grow up in a free, Capitalist society? Well guess what? Your children will NEVER have the chances we did – they will never be able to grow up in a free society and will never be able to pursue their happiness and economic dreams – NEVER. Not if our current leaders are continually allowed to Socialize this country and nationalize industry.

You will not recognise this country in 3 or 4 years. We may have the same flag then, we may have the same governmental buildings in Washington and we may have the same BS coming out of Washington on a daily basis – but it will all be a facade – the reality will be that the American government will own almost all industry in America and begin to form alliances throughout the world slowly turning our planet into one society, one government and one currency.

Please help me save this country, our language and our boarders. Let us grab America back from these power hungry politicians and lay the pathwork for a peaceful, free, Capitalist society for our children – the children of the United States.

Please Washington don’t call them bailouts – call them what they are – Takeovers!

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