Shared Ownership Mortgage

Shared Ownership Mortgage

Mortgages available on shared ownership for returning the loan are termed as shared ownership mortgages. Shared ownership mortgages are considered to be more risky than the traditional loan schemes; this is the primary reason why it is considered to be limited in nature. Before discussing the advantages and limitations of shared ownership mortgage, lets see what is shared ownership mortgage in the first place.

The term, shared ownership was evolved with a view to help people who are financially unable to buy a house in that particular moment. The common perception here is that when a person is not able to take the responsibility for the whole amount he takes help from other people who agree to share the ownership. Thus, the term shared ownership mortgage. But, the exact dealing is that you buy a share of the property and pay a rent on the remaining share that you don’t own. Gradually when you have sufficient money you can buy further shares and eventually you own the whole property. Owning partial ownership of the property is not a consideration for the total rights and responsibilities of a full owner. Thus, it is a boon for those with big dreams but limited resources.

Everyone has sometime or the other dreamt of possessing a house of his or her own. But many of them are not in a very financially stable state to fulfill this dream. Shared ownership mortgage helps you reach this dream. Many housing corporations offer such services but priority is given to the existing tenants of the housing associations or the councils. The only hiccup in shared ownership mortgages is that the house prices go up or down depending upon the market and this can mean that sometimes you can end up paying more or less than the original price.

Apart from the normal advantages that every other mortgage gives, shared ownership mortgage provides you with the feasibility of 99 years, which is a complete lifetime, to complete the repayment. This means that you can pay the remaining amount as per your convenience. Also, you have the owners right to the property. This condition in shared ownership mortgage makes it the most sought after mortgage in the market today. Yet, due to its large risk capacity, lenders don’t easily put their money through it.

Shared ownership mortgage is mostly available with the housing trusts or cooperative societies and have simple procedures for completing the formalities. There is also no issue regarding the security to be provided at the time of taking mortgage, as it can be covered with the other half of the property that you rightfully own. This makes the process even simpler and easier to deal with. Thus, if you are planning to buy a house soon and you are looking out for a good mortgage deal you should search for lenders who accept shared ownership mortgage. Go live your dream with shared ownership mortgage!

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