Mortgage Refinancing market: good or bad right now?

Question by Jake K: Mortgage Refinancing market: good or bad right now?
I am a soon to be college grad that is currently interviewing with Wells Fargo to become a Credit Manager in the Chicago land area. Is the mortgage refinancing market a strong place to start a career right now? Fill me in on your thoughts. If you could, please tell me if you are in mortgage refinancing business or not. Thanks , The more responses the better.

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Answer by Brenda M
Any experience working in a bank (or mortgage company) is great experience for a life. To truly understand how the banking world works will equip you greatly into the future. ~ no matter how you start.

The larger banks in the USA (and other parts of the world too) have experienced big drops in their market positions because of the over lending to sub prime market. Interestingly, some of the smaller banks are doing really well with stock rises as they did not get involved in this over lending practice.

all the best to you ~ its’ a great education no matter what

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  1. Richard N says:

    I wouldn’t look at it as strong/not strong. I would just classify it as different and changing. Evolving, if you will. Mortgages are cyclical.

    Let me ask you this question. Had you ever heard of a reverse mortgage until, say…3 years ago? If so, it was few and far between. And now, we’re moving towards a place where reverse mortgages will be as common as any one of our mortgage products being offered.

    The market has already consolidated and now it’s just a matter of staying standing and figuring out what products are going to move.

    Good Luck

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