Refinancing home mortgage worthy?

Question by Jobless3yrsrunning: Refinancing home mortgage worthy?
I saw a commercial last night about refinancing homes here in Florida. Is that worth doing? just asking coz both my parents lost their jobs. and now leaving on savings.( they been lay off 3 months ago) they are never late on payemtns and credit card. I am still a student and cant really find a job. Any good lawyer for refinancing here in south fl? I forgot to write the number on the commercial on TV.

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Answer by D
It is definitely worth looking into. There is nothing wrong with looking and it could be benficial but it would be impossible for anyone on here to know whether the current situation your parents are in is actually worth refinancing. Only a loan officer can tell you that. I don’t see why you would need a lawyer. Lawyers are not needed to refinance a home.

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