10 Responses to Will mortgage refinancing company require my ckecking account statement?

  1. Happy new year ! says:

    yes – 1 yr worth

  2. Rhea B says:

    they sure will! along with completing a complete financial history on you

  3. staceydian says:

    Not neccessarily. Depends on what kind of loan you are seeking.

  4. robbie says:

    Yes and a copy of your pay stub, they will do a credit check and probably your employment record.

    If you have defaulted on any loan/lease/credit card payments, that is not good.

    A clean credit rating is golden. You must make those payments. Many people do not realize that until it is too late.

  5. mortgage help says:

    not necessarily

  6. amymcmahon23 says:

    Most will, to ensure you haven’t had any large deposits/withdrawls or unpaid checks. Reason: to make sure you haven’t taken out any other loans they don’t know about, that perhaps are not on your credit yet. They don’t care if you bounced a check here and there or anything else. They only want to ensure your debt is correct.

  7. the dream says:

    It depends on the mortgage company. Obviously, if you do not have a checking account they cannot verify it. I am sure we could find a broker who does not need your checking information.

  8. kishaloy_bhowmick says:

    yes most will….if you want not to reveal your checking account details , i can give it a try . Write in details at kishaloy_bhowmick@yahoo.com and will see if i can do that after talking to the lenders.

    Loan officer

  9. chola says:

    I have refinanced 3 times never needed proof of income again or credit ck. just never be late on ur mortgage pmts. and u will need all ur paperwork such as house survey, apprasial last mortgage papers its really a smooth process.Have a great NEW YEAR! I just read ur other answers I was so surprised I nevr needed any pay stubs or credit bck for my refinancing, my last one was done right at our home, we only went to office to sign and initial new closing papers, also got to skip 2 mos. mortgage and rolled over all fees and updated apprasial was rolled in also, and we received cks for over pmt interest etc.

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