Refinancing a Mortgage and having a closing tomorrow?

Question by Chris: Refinancing a Mortgage and having a closing tomorrow?
Okay, I currently have a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage at over 5-6%. I already did all the paperwork for a new mortgage (Refinancing the 30 Year) into a 15 Year fixed @ 4.500%. I read every paper very carefully throughout the process and now the closing is tomorrow. I would like some pointers to look out for before I sign the Papers and finalize everything. I also would like to know since it will be happening at my house if I can request copies of the forms I sign and that they will be keeping. I have a copy machine and everything so I don’t see a problem with it but will they? Thanks in Advance.

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Answer by Sage
Nothing special to look for. Just make sure that the papers you are signing are the same as the papers you reviewed. If there any papers you haven’t reviewed, make sure you read them carefully before you sign. And, of course, make sure you have copies of everything you sign. Any reputable lender will give you a copy of every document you sign. However, it never hurts to have a copy machine. Of course, they will allow you to copy the documents.

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