UK mortgage rates start to come down

UK mortgage rates start to come down

Article by Mark Leaper

The finance sector is sat on the edge of its seat following the recent reduction in mortgage interest rates by some uk mortgage lenders. It is widely expected that mortgage quotes with better interest rates could be just around the corner and reason for optimism could be just a stone through away.

Cheif economist at Nationwide, Fionnuala Earley said: “As the cost of mortgages begins to come down, activity could be bolstered and restore some liquidity to the housing market,” although she advised that this will not be an “overnight” turnaround.

Banks and building societies have been able to trim the cost of their mortgage products because swap rates have passed their peak and have been falling recently.

Mark Leaper of, UK Price Comparison website commented after the Nationwide monthly house price figures for July were released – revealing a 1.7 % fall – went on to say that interest rates should soon start to reduce as the slowing economy curbs inflation.

Leaper went on to say that the credit crunch, brought about the collapse in confidence within the US investors had caused real pain for the uk homeowner with unusual circumstances. He add that in recent years, people had started to expect that mortgages and loans would be available, even with a poor credit rating and the loss of these products had really stiffled the markets and added huge pressure and stress onto a large proportion of homeowners.

In addition to the worries of borrowing money, the cost of living is on the increase with British Gas has coming in for criticism over news that it is to impose new price increases a day after its parent company Centrica announced large profits.

The firm has said prices will rise by 35 per cent a day after Centrica revealed profits of nearly £1 billion, which has sparked anger among those concerned that this could increase debt and poverty to those currently struggling with repayments and needing mortgage help.

Child Poverty Action Group said: “These dramatic increases in the cost of energy is hurting the poorest the most. With the cost of living on the up, families really don’t need more bad news that causes more fuel poverty.”

The body called for the company to consider the interests of hard-hit consumers ahead of those of its shareholders.

Energy price comparisons are available from providers right accross the uk, with real savings being made by switched people that are prepared to take the effort to look and switch providers.

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