Refinancing Mortgage?

Question by luvchimes_90: Refinancing Mortgage?
I want to refinance my mortgage but I live on Highway commercial property and I run a business out of my home. I can not find any one who will refinance me because of the business. I live in PA does any one know a company who can. Please Help!

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you need a lender that does mixed-used properties

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  1. matzael says:

    There are plenty of lenders who will refinance “mixed use properties”, which is what you have. The choices may be limited by what type of business you are running and if it requires the property to be modified so it’s only fit for that business.
    A good example of a ‘single use’ commercial property is a gas station. It can really only ever be used as a gas station without significant renovations.
    If your business doesn’t require any changes to the property like this, then it should be a fairly easy loan to do. I’d suggest contacting several local mortgage brokers or banks and asking if they do this type of financing up front.
    To find good local brokerages or banks you can contact your local chamber of commerce or BBB.

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