refinancing mortgage?

Question by PB: refinancing mortgage?
i live in MA, bought our house 3.5 years ago. I really need to refinance to save some money and put it towards bills and credit card debt. problem is, we were an FHA loan, and now since the crash, the standards have risen for a refi or even a new mortgage, and our credit has gone down a little, but our debt is now too high…

does anyone know of any programs, companies or banks in MA that will refinance you with very little money down, and possibly if youre credit is questionable???


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Answer by chatsplas
Go to current mortgage lender and ask about Making Home Affordable programs

Pay down that debt; rebuild your credit rating; STOP using credit cards. . . . .the days of 0% down and poor credit getting a home loan are gone, with the Crash. . . . . .
Get the Dave Ramsay books/tapes on personal money management, eliminating debt from bookstore or library and take control of your finances

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