Q&A: Refinancing Through Mortgage Company?

Question by ButSiriuslyFolks: Refinancing Through Mortgage Company?
I’m concerned.

I’m looking into refinancing our house plus some extra to take care of some credit card debt. We really need to eliminate it, and while most of the banks I’ve talked to would barely lower my present rate of 7.3%, I talked to a “mortgage company” that offered me 6% straight.

I really need this refinance, but don’t want to end up in foreclosure because I don’t have the foresight to sense issues with this. It is relatively reputable…a family business in town for 20 years (not a fly-by-night), but what do I need to watch out for? What do I need to put in the agreement to make sure I don’t get screwed with one late payment or something. Can I make sure my loan doesn’t get sold to an outside source?

Help me out, please!

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Answer by Matt K
Mortgage companies are usually just brokers. Deal directly with the banks for more secure deals. Banks are regulated by the Federal government – brokers are barely overseen by state examiners.

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