Has anyone used lowrateapprovals.com for refinancing mortgage?

Question by Bookiesmom: Has anyone used lowrateapprovals.com for refinancing mortgage?
MABS is connected with this website in marketing for people who want to work at home. They provide three services,i.e. reducing rates on mortgages, credit repair services and offering opportunities for homebased businesses.

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Answer by robert_byrne
Well, there doesn’t seem to be much information provided on the site. Perhaps you should try giving them a call before submitting personal information. Sometimes sites like these sell “applications” to other lenders and telemarketers.

I am not sure what all this about working from home is about – is this something connected to the mortgage broker? If so, that seems a bit odd.

Anyways, feel free to look at my site, it is NOT a sales site, and has LOTS of info about the loan process and how to shop for a mortgage



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