Will lenders bid for my mortgage refinance?

Question by Chatterbox: Will lenders bid for my mortgage refinance?
I have great credit and want to refinance. I’m the perfect customer for any lender. So why do I have to do all the leg-work to find the best rate? Is there anywhere where lenders will bid rates & points against each other in an effort to obtain my business? (I will report spam – so don’t bother with that!)

I’m doing a lot of research but I’m afraid I will miss out on the best deal because I just can’t look “everywhere”!

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Answer by nighteagal44
only fools rush in

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  1. Ask Me Anything says:

    Why not try Lending Tree?

    The reason someone isn’t looking for you to refi your loan is they have no idea you want to. Lenders aren’t mind readers…and I would imagine lenders these days have their hands full as it is working with their loss mitigation depts. LOL

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