How can I find a refinance mortgage to help me keep my home?

Question by Annie: How can I find a refinance mortgage to help me keep my home?

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Read some useful tips on mortgages and more on this site to help you

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8 Responses to How can I find a refinance mortgage to help me keep my home?

  1. pknutson_sws says:

    If you’re in california, I can help you.

    Otherwise, contact a mortgage planner. He/she will go over your options and find loan options for you.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Talk to a broker with your current mortgage company/bank and then stop by some other local mortgage companies and banks. They can be found in the phone book under “mortgage” or “lender”.

  3. ljkelsey50 says:

    You can call a mortgage co. or contact one on the Internet there are so many on line,or you can call me I will help you find a company I use to work in that Field. I am sorry I should gave you my email address it’s you can contact me there OK I would be glad to help.

  4. Terri T says:

    Hi, here is a link for you to try. Good luck to you.

  5. DJ B says:

    Try Jeff Pesek at Pinnacle 866-244-3042 tell him Donna sent you

  6. Justin says:

    If you have been late on your payments, unfortunately it will be difficult to refinance. It is considered a “bail-out” situation and most lenders do not allow them. If they do, there are most likely high rates and pre-payment penalties.

    Good luck and be careful.

  7. MortgageGuy says:

    Well there’s alot of information needed here to give you accurate advice..

    What i can tell you though is what to look for..

    From you saying “keep my home” i assume you are not currently in a good financial situation..

    Are you late on payments? Are you having a hard tiem affording the current mortgage?

    If so, there ARE many options out ther eot get you a lower montyly payment..

    What you need to do is talkk to a LICENSED professional, have them look at your creidt and finances, an dadvise you on which way to go..

    Without knowing your exact situation its hard to offer much insight here..

    I work with a nationwide mortgae lender.. I have an individual mortgage license as well, and would be more then happy to assist you in a refinance..

    Give me a call or shoot me an email, and ill gather some more information and give you an analisys…

    Look forward to helping you!

    Jason Fry
    Licensed Mortgage Banker
    Providential Bancorp

  8. mortgage help says:

    as in where do you look? try eloans, quicken loans, ditech, or Choice Finance online.

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