Q&A: Can I refinance a mortgage I have just started?

Question by bowgeter: Can I refinance a mortgage I have just started?
I have checked my mortgage papers I have found that I can pay the loan off at anytime, so I was wondering if the refinance companies would refinance a new loan?

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Answer by Ryan M
That depends on whoever you are going to refinance with. There is no law or regulation against it either way.

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3 Responses to Q&A: Can I refinance a mortgage I have just started?

  1. RetiredDebtFree says:

    Sure you can, but the fees may be more than you would save in lower interest. You could end up paying $ 4000 in fees and if that takes more than three years to recoup it might not be worth the expense.

  2. MadMan says:

    Why would you? if you have just started with this mortgage, you will already have as low an interest rate as you can get. And refinancing is quite expensive.

  3. staz says:

    Call several refinance companies and ask. Some will say no but some will say yes you just have to ask around. You can go to http://www.besthelpfinancial.com/loanrefinance.html to find out more information about refinancing and to get started with your search.

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