Can I refinance my home with bad credit?

Question by dara91562: Can I refinance my home with bad credit?
My husband and I need to refinance our home to lower our monthly payments. We are paying 9% right now. We both have bad credit. About 4 years ago we started getting behind and couldn’t make credit card payments. It was either pay them or pay our house payment. So I just didn’t pay them. We also have some unpaid medical bills that our insurance didn’t cover after the birth of our daughter. The creditors are always on our backs. In May we will be eligible to refinance our home (we had a prepayment penalty clause in our mortgage agreement). What chance do we have of getting a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Yanswersmonitorsarenazis
You just have to start shopping around.

There’s dozens of subprime mortgage companies going bankrupt right now, so that entire market is going a little crazy at the moment. Rates and products will vary widely between different lenders, so call several. Get the first one to tell you your credit scores, maybe even get a copy of your credit report from him/her, and use that to shop from other lenders.

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  1. cmruffin1 says:

    it depends on how bad your credit score really is.

  2. Maria b says:

    I tried to do this and my cards were mostly paid off, but my credit was poor and I didn’t qualify for a good rate. I worked with a mortgage broker and wasted money on an appraisal but she couldn’t get me a decent rate and offered me a 30 year mortgage, I have less than 12 years on the ones I have now.
    It is so ironic that the banks give the best rates to those who have lots of money but charge the highest to those with the lesser incomes?? Makes no sense. I would be very careful, some have lost their homes to refinancing schemes.

  3. panthrchic says:

    If your beacon score is AT LEAST a 500, there are companies out there who will work with you, but if it’s a 499, no way, no how.

  4. Mary S says:

    The chances of you getting a lower interest rate and payment will depend on your current credit scores and the mortgage history. I work for a Mortgage Banker who specializes in providing loan programs for people who have damaged credit. There are several mortgage programs that will allow you to pay off all of the creditors and possibly extend your mortgage term.
    To find out what you would qualify for, you would need to complete an application and let a lender obtain a credit report. This can be done right over the phone.

  5. says:

    Ok what you want is a 30 year fix interest only Product. Than you want to find out how much equity is in your property to possibly do a debt consolidation meaning paying off all that debt and possible medical bills. Do always pay your house payment on time and never get behind which you have done. So great job. Will you get a better rate? I dont know because I dont know how much equity is in your home and what your FICO score is. Subprime Lenders are falling out weekly because of the changing of the market. Yet, your 9% which believe is very high could come down a little. Hope this little bit of information helps and any questions please email me.

  6. marshae says:

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  7. gabriel jones says:

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