How do I catch up on my mortgage?

Question by SheRa: How do I catch up on my mortgage?
My credit isn’t good so I can’t refinance but I am like a month behind and every time I catch up that month they add interest and penalties and then add the next month on. I just finally started working full time now and can’t seem to catch up on my bills!

At one time you could pay your mortgage bi-monthly but they won’t let you do that anymore. How can I catch up?

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  1. kokopelli says:

    You can always make an additional mortgage payment at any time, so a structured bi-weekly mortgage is not necessary. Of course, if money is tight it is not always possible to make a payment, let alone an additional one. Talk to someone in the collections department of the bank or institution that holds your mortgage and see what kind of options might be available to help you catch up. I talk to my bank all the time about payments. If you talk to yours you might be surprised how willing they are to help.

    Try to make up a budget based on your new full-time position and come up with a payment schedule to get you back current on your mortgage payments. Once you have this worked up, call your bank and discuss your plan with them.

  2. Blicka says:

    Borrow money from a friend/family member after signing an IOU with a payment plan.

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