Facts About Government Mortgage Help Plan

Facts About Government Mortgage Help Plan

Article by Donna Stewart

A roof above one’s head is a basic necessity. There would be very few people in the world who would not like to own a house. It is a dream they strive to attain. To buy their dream home, most people take out mortgages. The financial depression the world over suffered not too far in the recent past and the increased prices of everything are making it difficult for people to pay their mortgages off. To save people in such situations, the Obama government has come out with the government mortgage help plan. It is a part of the Making Homes Affordable Program. The program aims at enabling those who are unable to meet their mortgage payments restructure their loans or get home refinance. With this, they are able to meet their mortgages and keep their homes.

A Mortgage

A mortgage is financing that a person secures for the purpose of purchasing a home. The financing is generally obtained from a bank and an interest is charged on the loan amount. Mortgage is generally paid on a monthly basis. Non-payment of the mortgage amount due to various reasons could lead to foreclosure of the property in question. This depends on the mortgage plan and the foreclosure clause in the contract. Foreclosure refers to the process whereby the homeowner is evicted by the court upon the request of the bank or creditor. Generally, foreclosed properties are put up for public auction.

The Plan

The government mortgage help plan is not for everyone. There are some eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled for the plan to be applicable. One criterion is the loan payment to income ratio. If more than 37 percent of the income of the household is being used to pay the loan, the mortgagee is eligible for getting help under the mortgage help plan. Another criterion is the kind of hardship the person might be in. This includes the loss of a job or the death of the major financial contributor, etc. Yet another criterion is the drop in the value of the home to such levels that the total debt is more than the value of the home. Other than this, the plan insists that the home owner’s primary address in the mortgaged house and the mortgage should have existed before 2009.

There are different plans under the government mortgage help plan. This includes Home Affordable Modification Plan, Home Affordable Refinance Plan, and Payment Reduction Plan. The plan that the homeowner chooses depends on the extent of his debts as well as the advice provided by the Making Homes Affordable official website. The helpline is called the HOPE Hotline and homeowners can call and get advice on the type of plans available and on the best option in their given situation. The website also has an eligibility page where the homeowner can check if he falls under the criteria for seeking help.

The government mortgage help plan is thus a ray of hope for homeowners who are at the brink of losing their dream.

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