How to go about refinancing my mortgage?

Question by mattysmom22: How to go about refinancing my mortgage?
I have bad credit, my mom financed a home for me. at the time, 3mos ago, her credit score was like 620 but she had bad debt that was paid off right before getting this loan leaving her with no outstanding debt, save for the new mortgage. She pays all her bills on time, I have made 2 mtg payments before the due date. I have an 80/20 loan that ha sreally high interest 8.25 and 12.5. I need to refi ASAP how soon can I do this and can I consolidate both loans into one when doing so? My mom is going to be 65 in feb making her eligible to have a senior discount on taxes (about 3200.00 less) should I just keep the loan in her name for the perks or should I try to get the financing under my name again? We are on the deed as co owners with sole survivorship~ doe sthis mean my 7 siblings will not be able to try to get the property from me when she passes away? I pay for everything, but the loan is in her name. Sorry so long. I appreciate any insight and advice!
BTW~ I am in Illinois

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Answer by mtgguy
What state are you in. I can make this happen. I am a lic. mortgage broker in NYS.

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