The People need to Be Bailout

The People need to Be Bailout

Article by Tanisha Adjokatcher

We all remember at the onset of this financial crisis when people were outraged that the government was considering helping people who couldn’t pay their mortgages. The Congress bail out the Banks and Car Compnaies and not the people who has brought homes and cars.

Rick Santelli on CNBC, in a classic rant, accused the White House of promoting bad behavior. Remember this?

It became such a hit on the Internet that the White House had to respond. It seemed reasonable that the White House shouldn’t bail out people who were irresponsible with their mortgages.

I was against it too…. that is until the Administration bailed out the banks. The banks turned around and gave their CEOs 100s of million of dollars in bonuses, tightened loan, increased credit card rates and turned record profits. In other words, they kept all of the money. The people continued to suffer and still are suffering from this. People cannot feed their kids because they are so far in debt. The suicide rate has sky rocket and happy homes has been destroyed.

I am not for bail outs, but if you were going to bail out anyone it should have been people. They would have paid of the mortgages and the banks would end up with the money anyway – BUT – it would have stabilized the housing market and stimulated the economy.

The 2010 census review is that 400million more people are in Poverty than Last Year. What? This means more and more people are loosing more and somebody is getting rich.. This is a shame for people. People are suffering and we are in a Enormous Depression, worst then the last Depression. Shaking my head.

Please let us unify together and put a stop to the madness that is going on. WHERE IS THE AID FOR THE PEOPLE?

We need change in 2011.

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I just think that the President could have bailed the people out of this financila mess.

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