Differences of Comsumer Consumption between Intentional Home Mortgage Defaulters and Struggling Homeowners

Differences of Comsumer Consumption between Intentional Home Mortgage Defaulters and Struggling Homeowners

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Recent reports explain that homeowners who are in an intentional default and hence not keeping up with their mortgage help economy more than the concerned homeowners. It may be good update for shop keepers but mortgage providers will not be equally happy with the story.

Evidently, people struggling with their mortgage loan would not be easy spending money as they are pretty concerned with their monthly payments. On the contrary, people who are intentionally defaulting their mortgage loan seem to enjoy long mortgage and rent free periods as mortgage providers can not foreclose those houses rapid enough. Those homeowners appear to enjoy their freedom from mortgage payments by rushing out and spending more cash on shops and restaurants.

It could be understandable that those homeowners have finally made their mind about their home and slightly relieved just for the fact of arriving to a conclusion. They could be convinced that they have been wasting money on that underwater mortgage and neglecting themselves. instinctively they might defend running for the shops to spend the extra money that they seem to be getting in their pocket just for now.

Clearly the economy should not count on the people for a long while to come. Most Americans would not be easily hitting the spending switch until they reduce their debt to an agreeable level. A few people are on the edge of foreclosure nightmare it looks like. Recent surveys suggest that more than half of Americans are gravely concerned that they might lose their home in some stage in the coming years. This is a real problem for every person affected including manufacturers and retailers.

Today’s low mortgage loan refinance rates seem to do little in the hope of reducing debt and insecurity, even though refinance applications are quite high. Some homeowners might yet be holding out for a super low rate.

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