Q&A: Mortgage refinancing 5 ,1arm??????

Question by nite a: Mortgage refinancing 5 ,1arm??????
Guys, I was talking to my consultant on refinancing my loan and I was getting a good deal. The bank was. Supposed to give me .5% credit on my closing. Then I said I would like to write a check for closing amount and suddenly consultant said , rates have changed and so they could give only .375% credit now. Is it a trick cuz I decided not to add closing to loan or does rates changed as he was saying? I am thinking about not going forward with this guy and might be call another consultant and check what he says?I haven’t done any paperworks yet, so will they have records of all these phone/email conversations?

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Answer by NaturesDoctor
No they are making less by you paying closing costs so they are giving less.

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