Refinancing my mortgage….what to do about a bad mortgage consultant?

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Question by Loren: Refinancing my mortgage….what to do about a bad mortgage consultant?
My husband and I are looking to refinance our mortgage. I figured even though we had trouble with our mortgage consultant in the beginning that maybe I should contact him since he knows all our information. When we first went through the qualification process he was very disconnected, we had a hard time getting questions answered and even getting paid attention too. Then when it came down to actually getting the house closed he dropped the ball twice and we almost lost the house. It has since been almost 2 years and I thought since at closing I told him that he made the experience very difficult that maybe he would take the hint.

Well I contacted him a little over two weeks ago to see what options we have. I get that he is the middle man, but I feel like I am having to baby sit and hold hands again. He tells me he will get back to me by Tuesday afternoon and I do not hear anything until Friday morning and I am the one who has to make contact. I would really like to stay with my original lender, but why is it so difficult?

So I called another mortgage consultant (same lender) and he refused to help me because my mortgage consultant is his counterpart and that I should call his boss. But aren’t we all adults? I would not be calling the other consultant if mine was doing his job in the first place.

I guess I am just frustrated! I feel like for the second time my mortgage consultant is AGAIN placing us on the back burner. We were 20 when we purchased our home, so at first I think he thought we were not serious (which still is not a reason to ignore us) But now we are ESTABLISHED customers, who pay their mortgage!!!

What would you do? Call the boss? Confront the first consultant? Find a new lender? I feel like I have already done that, why do I need to repeat myself?

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Answer by Michelle
You should contact the mortgage consultant’s manager. You can easily find that out by calling the office number and asking the receptionist. The manager can assign you to another consultant.

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