Me and my husband of 21 years have been living apart for the past year. He moved out of the house that we have bought 6 years ago and i stayed in it wit my 2 kids. Now i want to sell the house and split the money and move. soon after my idea my husband told me he wants to refinance the house because he is paying $ 400 more each month then in the past. Me and my daughter think his actions are kind of weird. I have a feeling he wants to refinance to pay off his loan he took out for his Mercedes and to pay off other loans that belong to him (his credit cards) At first he has told me i don’t have to sign any closing papers but today he called me saying that i have to put down my signature down. I’m starting to feel that he’s trying to play me out…i read somewhere that in the future if we do get a divorce i will be entitled to less… should i sign these papers?? do i have to?? why might he want to refinance out of nowhere?? PLEASE HELP
just so you know my daughter is an adult 20 years old
i received a phone call from him threatening that if i dont sign he will ruin my life and that he has a credit card with a $ 100K available credit and he will take that and flee somewhere….what do i answer to that??

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Answer by elaeblue
Because when you file for divorce the judge will divide all the bills in half and you will end up paying for whatever he refinances for. Have a lawyer check out the papers before you sign.

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