Q&A: refinancing mortgage (2 year arm)?

Question by shamie f: refinancing mortgage (2 year arm)?
When i first purchased my home, we could’nt get a 30 year fixed, now the 2 year arm is gonna end in march 09. I purchased the home for 307,000, the balance left on it is 275,000, and the appraisal amount is 256,000. I would like to see if anyone knows a bank that will refinance my loan, even though the balance is more than what the home is appraised at. My credit is good, i have a job, and have my savings, i pay every payment on time, i do not want a short sale, or to foreclose on my home, can someone please help.

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Answer by answer man77
Riley they did not ask for the definition of a refinance.

Unfortunately there is most likely not a current mortgage company that will refinance you(companies are all about reducing risk right now and not taking on more). The only chance you may have is to contact a mortgage lender in your area and ask them about a FHA mortgage. The government recently passed a law that requires a bank to take less money on a refinance for a person who is upside down on their mortgage if they are getting a FHA mortgage. You may also want to talk to your current company and tell them the situation regarding your current appraised value and they may(cant hurt to ask) rewrite your note to fix the rate.

You also may not want to go back to the same place you got your last mortgage. Unless the reason you could not qualify for a 30 year fixed mortgage was your debt ratio. Many of the mortgage lenders out there just wanted to get people into 2 year arms(even though rates were at all time lows(ie this is when “good” lenders would have said take the best fixed rate we have had in 40 years because what are the odds it will still be here in 2 years)), because it meant they had a refi coming in 2 years(ie another loan to write). which would mean more income.

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