Q&A: Have anyone used services of AnnieMac Mortgage for refinancing?

Question by foxy: Have anyone used services of AnnieMac Mortgage for refinancing?
I keep getting contacted by this company called M\Annie Mac, promising me lower rates if I refinance with them. I have FHA mortgage with a company that is going out of business and that’s why they cannot do streamline refinance. All other banks say that they only work with their current clients but this AnnieMac place says they would work with me. I am worried it might be a scam though or I can get screwed in some way. I wanted to see if anyone has dealt with them?

I am suspicious of everything that seems to good to be true and I cannot find any reviews on AnnieMac

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Answer by Ed Atun
Their name is a warning. The US government owns Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This company has chosen a name to make customers think that it is related to those govt entities. I went thru 2 pages of search engine results without finding one customer review. There were questions just like yours but no answers.

Keep searching locally for a lender who wants your business. If there is not one single local company, it is unlikely that this outside company can help you.

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