Where can I find the current mortgage rate in Oregon?

Question by Dwayne: Where can I find the current mortgage rate in Oregon?
I’m going to refinance my house and I heard from friends that this coming week the mortgage rate will drop a bit.
When I called a broker last week, she said that the lowest mortgage rate was 6.5. But I believe this week will be lower.

My question is does anybody know a good website, free and without signing up, that shows current day to day mortgage rate.
I live in Portland, Oregon.
In your opinion, how would the mortgage rate would be this coming month and beyond.


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Answer by WJVV
amerisave.com is a good site.

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8 Responses to Where can I find the current mortgage rate in Oregon?

  1. Rick B says:

    There is no such thing as a set rate per state. Your rate depends on your particular credit rating, how much you are financing, what term, etc. To get a quote for you, there are several websites. Personally, I like talking to real live mortgage brokers though.

  2. Business Mom says:

    contact your local banks or local financial institutions…you can even view them online..
    but remember that rate may change depending on your background (credit, job etc)…everybody’s circumstance is different.

    stay local and please stay away from internet scam offers.

    good luck

  3. Dr. Deth says:

    it’s not going to change much from week to weeks – 100ths of a percent and you get a particular rate until you actually apply and lock it in, and they won’t let you lock it in until it gets close to actual closing date – may require a fee to lock in also

  4. insureman613 says:

    I have seen some links to free current rates at http://www.bestmortgageanswers.info
    The rates will probably change again on Tuesday, so make sure to check back after that.

  5. Jayson H says:

    Check out this site, I’m sure they have the answer you’re looking for.

  6. Barbie d says:


    I am a loan officer in Oregon and I can say the rates will be different pending credit score; how much equity you have in your house; and even the lender your actually going through. If you are going full doc or stated on your loan. It all factors sinto the rate. Rates go up and down all year long.. And the rates you see online are usually prime. Bankrate.com is a good site for mortgage information. But as I saw someone advise earlier DO NOT use the online systems to obtain a rate. they will sell your information to everyone and they will all start pulling your credit which can ding your score!!

  7. Ms Betty says:

    Contact a local mortgage or lending company for a rate near you!

  8. KpoBanker says:

    You have to give a lot more info about the loan before anyone can honestly answer that question.

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