What’s a good mortgage refinance rate right now?

Question by Rich B: What’s a good mortgage refinance rate right now?
Looking at refinancing a home loan. I have over 25% equity in my home and an excellent credit score. Currently paying 6.5% on a 30-yr fixed and I know I can do better. What rates are out there in the market right now? Looking for fixed 15 years minimum or adjustable 5 years or more.

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  1. gardengal says:

    I just qualified with b of a at 4.875 with 1.5 points for a 30-year I have 40% equity and poor credit

  2. Bedford S says:

    My credit union is offering 4.375% with 2.125 points on 15 year fixed mortgage. Five year adjustable is 4.625 with 2.125 point. These are the standard quotes for home value at less than 417,000. Lower rates are available with payment of more points. About everyone is eligible for credit union membership thru job, family, community or association. Don’t forget to check out the one you are eligible for. For bank quotes go to bankrate.com

  3. Ed Atun says:

    Try to hold out for 4.5% fixed for a 15 year loan. There is always the possibility of a 3.5% rate if the economy does not recover by summer..

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