Would removing father’s mortgage refinance from credit report improve my score?

Question by Frank R: Would removing father’s mortgage refinance from credit report improve my score?
My father refinanced mortgage to do some improvements and it has appeared on mine and his credit report (We share the same name except I am a Jr.) How do I remove this from my credit report and would it improve my score?

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Answer by Bigdeav
You MUST write a letter to the credit bureaus! You do not want this on your credit! Write a letter and explain your case, and they have 30-60 days to resolve the issue. You can find their info easily through a quick yahoo search.

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  1. i_like_beans_an_toast says:

    if your in the UK when you get a credit report from experian or other credit agency’s after you have received it if there is anything that should not be on there or you have any quires then you can contact the agency that you got the report from send in the forms that state/prove it is your fathers mortgage refinance an not your and they will up date your credit report

  2. Rich B says:

    Ok this is going to be a long explanation of how you get this done. Father and Sons that are Jr and Sr run into this problem ALOT. So youre not alone.

    First of all contacting the credit bureaus wont do much good because his mortgage is not really on YOUR report. ill explain… When companies request for your report from either of the 3 bureaus, they would have to enter your name, address, and SS# and then send the request for your file to be returned. I can almost guarantee that when you apply for credit you dont necessarily use the Jr part all the time ( or the person typing in your info forgets to add it ). So on file at the bureaus youre known as John Smith Jr. with a list of AKAs i.e. John Smith, John L. Smith, John L. Smith Jr.

    Somewhere down the line you could also have a shared address with your dad. So when the system gathers information for John L. Smith Jr. at a particular address it could return some of your dads information along with yours.

    Yes you two would have a unique SS# but thats not the only thing used to collect information.

    So heres what you have to do to fix it.

    Contact the credit bureaus. Notify them that you have a mixed file with your dad due to the fact that you are Jr and Sr. Ask them ( and this is very important ) to standardize your name to only reflect as Jr. ( in the process contact all the companies that report your info to the bureaus to do the same ) And also try to get your addresses standardized as well. So that the next time your information gets pulled it would only be yours not your dads.

    And as for it improving your score…well maybe…if its a really new account then it could, but if its a refi done several years ago it might hurt your credit to remove history… ( if its good )

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